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A podcast about scary movies by someone who is scared of scary movies and another person who is less so.

Sep 28, 2020

Jack and Stephanie empathize with poor Leatherface. Family dinners can be traumatic. Especially when grandpa is the creepiest thing ever. You guessed it, they are watching 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Sep 21, 2020

Stephanie sneaks in an art film and takes Jack on a journey into a meditation with Amy Seimetz’s She Dies Tomorrow. What is this movie? Is it horror? Is it a tone poem? Stephanie is a fan, Jack is trying to figure it all out.

Sep 14, 2020

Stephanie and Jack are heeeeeere with Poltergeist! After a not so scary first episode, we finally get a few jumps out of Stephanie. They ask the important questions, like: Why didn’t you get rid of that scary-ass clown? And, are blonde children inherently creepy.

Sep 11, 2020

Stephanie and Jack dive into one of the classics of American horror with Friday the 13th. They pick apart this quintessential slasher film in all of its early eighties weirdness. Stephanie gets deep into her hate of Ned and Jack has some hard-hitting questions about the logistics of Strip Monopoly.